Fashion Fusion - Coming of East and West Together


Fantastic Fashion Fusion

Bridging the Gap Between East and West

When Helen wore one of her many costumes for a cabaret number, or Sharmila Tagore swayed to a song in the movie Evening in Paris, wearing a pencil skirt teamed with a short jacket, or when Nargis wore knicker bockers and a striped t-shirt for one of her portrayals in the fifties, in-roads had already begun to be made by western clothing into what popularly was called as Bollywood and its fashion. It has strongly influenced the understanding of what most people consider as wearing ‘fashionable clothing’. From then to now, has seen an exponential increase in western influence on Indian styles-be it the Zandra Rhodes style sarees, the Farsi pants, or lately gowns. The era of mashups has not just begun but has come to stay.

Fashion Flux

Anyone from India would know that with every 200 kilometres of geographical distance, clothing styles change, as do dialects. This vibrant diversity is what makes India such a wonderful hub of fashion influences.  The style that emerges from this happy influx resonates with our need to feel confident, as much as it is about keeping us comfortable. Though for many, it is about looking edgy and experimental. And surprisingly ticking of all these checkboxes is possible with the fusion between east and west.

The reason why such experimental styles in cuts, colours and fits seem to be making more waves is because of its endless possibilities.

There is a certain seamlessness attached to wearing indo-westerns; a sense of funk and a certain dare. It is creativity at its best, challenging norms and yet in some way paying one’s respect to old crafts, old cuts, and styles.

Infusion of Tradition

While Indian colours and embroidery styles are extravagant in their usage of elaborate designs, the simpler cuts of western outfits make for that dramatic contrast. Imagine a knee length dress made of embroidered velvet with a yoke in badla work or mirror work-or, a long gown made of resham embroidery with a drape made of silk in striped leheriya. It is this intermingling of textures of weaves and the plethora of shapes and cuts which create an exciting catalogue for some of the most famous of designers, not just in India but also in the western world.

What is fusion?

Fusion can best be understood as the deep need that fashion has for uniqueness. Creating drama with the look that can launch a thousand ships or armies of Troy, is this very Greek look gown. It is styled from a typical Indian indigo printed fabric, with a round trimmed neckline that showcases an embroidery detailing.  

For that sunset rendezvous that needs you to feel the soft breeze on your neck, here is an embellished chiffon top, teamed with a soft flowing skirt.

 Be it a formal event, where you could team your georgette saree with a shirt styled blouse, or a more informal event where you could don a pair of boots with your gown made of a very Indian look fabric. Cross over to looks more Indian than western can be modified with the same amount of ease

Here is a similar ensemble that does the same-the lycra top can barely hide the excitement of the sequined lower, and the very western feel off-shoulder top that makes a very modern statement. The structured, lightly flaring skirt embellished heavily with ornate embroidery makes its eastern flavor seem more pronounced.


Fusion wear is about striking a balance…….

It necessarily has to walk that tightrope where you cannot succumb to an old look -so reinvent it with accessories-a clutch, jewellery, shoes and a choice of drape. All of these are deciders to the look.

Give yourself a dress such as this gorgeous short one whose cut and classic style will floor you with its ability to cut that silhouette real sharp. And yet, there is that lilt of tradition in the fitted bodice, gorgeously embellished by fine embroidery. Make it more western by wearing boots.

Quirk is a must for all of your Indo-western attires…….

 The ability to think out of the box and beauty of any design lies in fact in ensuring that it manages to complement the original design of the western wear as much as help elevate the occidental style to a whole new level. That makes a design a resounding success.



Fashion is no longer about a type-but breaking the stereotype, and an evolution of this progression in passionately creating such a line of clothing has been the underlining purpose of this site.


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  • Ravi Prakash
    Ravi Prakash

    What an awesome website!! Congratulations to the entire shahistyles team. Keep up the passion and the great beginning. While fashion is definitely not my cup of tea, I love the collection. It does look different and different in a great Shahi Style way. Here’s to many many year of success and satisfaction..cheers.

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