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 Zap, Changes fashion. Some styles, though, are eternal. They transcend space and time, etching themselves firmly into our memories. Indo-Western clothing is one such style- the latest trend in Indian fashion. Just about every fashion week and runway collection these days undoubtedly features an Indo-Western outfit. But, how really has the evolution of the Indian Fashion Industry shaped this unique style and what does the future have in store for us? Read on!

The evolution of Indian fashion

  • Indian fashion has been profoundly influenced by the land’s colourful culture and traditions. In the recent times, interesting experiments have dominated the fashion scene owing to a mix of the traditional and the western.
  • As fashion progressed in the last few decades, newer trends, which included novel outfits such as the kurta paired with a jeans, for example, emerged. Thus began a new era in Indian fashion, characterised by a blending of styles, a blurring of lines.

What really is this new trend- the ‘Indo-Western’?

It’s simpler than you thought. Indo-Western dresses, as the name itself suggests, blend South Asian fashion with a western style of clothing, making them the best of both worlds. Indo-Western styles maybe the combination of the clothing itself, such as wearing a western top with an Indian bottom-wear, be it a patiala or a dhoti salwar, or, it could be a dress, which is made from an Indian fabric but is draped in the western style.

Prefer the exotic western style cuts? Like the traditional grace of an exuberant Lehenga? Well, no need to forego one to be able to embrace the other. Why not flaunt an Indo-Western Lehenga and stand a class apart? This is where the real beauty of the latest Indo-Western styles lies. The charm of the delicate embroidery, patterns, and motifs is all retained, but, with a twist extraordinaire: it is amalgamated with an easy to carry western dress that makes its sheen unparalleled; truly unmatched.

Changing times: when the West meets the East

We are living in exciting times, when on one hand, western designers are incorporating Indian traditional patterns into their outfits, and on the other hand, Indian designers are weaving western elegance into Indian exuberance. The results are extraordinary.

  • Anarkalis: Chiffons, Georgettes, and Silks are the fabrics that can be used to make a traditional Anarkali style kurta. This royal Anarkali kurta can be teamed with a western style palazzo, jeans, or even a skirt. To rock in style, wear an ethnic dupatta and get ready to be the style statement. The Anarkali 2.0, thus transformed, is an Indo-Western dress that features an elegant western look and feel but is so authentically Indian in its soul.
  • Lehengas: If you would like to wear a beautiful traditional Indian Lehenga for a wedding, but, find it a bit cumbersome to carry, it can now be teamed with a spaghetti top and a beautiful matching dupatta, for, this would be far more comfortable to drape. You can even wear the traditional Lehenga with a long kurta having a front slit to make it easier-to-carry.
  • Glam up the Six-yard wonder: Even the traditional six-yard wonder, viz., the saree can be presented with a modernised look by pairing it with a trendy choli and layering it up with a denim jacket to increase the glam quotient manifold. You can also team this six or nine-yard wonder with a bell-sleeved top; you’ll look absolutely stunning in this elegant, ethnic wear.
  • Wear the traditional salwar in style: The traditional salwar can be worn with a tank top, a crop top, or a choli to enhance its elegance even more. You are the princess, after all. Let the age-old charm of the salwar revel in the mystical fusion outfit. You’ll grab eyeballs, no doubt!

Putting strings together

Indo-Western dresses are a historic fusion of the traditional Indian and western fashions. This vogue hybrid fashion comes to the rescue of millennials and the younger generation who would like to embrace the authentic Indian outfits, but, with a tangy western twist, which makes them easy-to-carry, all this while, retaining the ethnicity and multi-cultural charm. In the wake of the current scenario, Shahi Styles prides itself in being amongst the trendsetters with its royal clothing.

The cult calls. Flaunt in style, the Shahi way.

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