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The Royal Epoch: The Shahi Story


Passion, they say, is the real driving force. The real fuel that inspires and ignites dreams, making them come true. Shahi Styles is one of them. 

"Every woman, regardless of size, shape and age deserves to feel confident, comfortable, gorgeous and royal." It is this belief that drives Rakhi and her namesake brand, Shahi Styles!

Our love for culture and the penchant to break the boundaries that separate us, thus bringing people together, is deeply rooted in the very foundations of Shahi Styles. We believe cultures and traditions, the world over, teach us a valuable proposition: we’re all one in the quest to make our dreams come true, to live a life truly inspired, a life well lived. Fashion and style is a mere illusion that is shattered the moment we really open our eyes. To the new world!   

Shahi Styles is perfect collaboration of Rakhi Shahi and Poonam Dubey, a famous designer whose work is well-known in India’s fashion industry and also the younger sister of the renowned Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee.  Their careful selection of fabrics, such as silk, velvet, banarsi, embroidered lace and zari render a custom-made feel. The designs are perfect fusion of fine fabric, wood block printing and zari work. So, whether it's a wedding  or evening party, the wearer looks red-carpet polished, with all the effortlessness of slipping in her favorite Lehenga or Kurta set. From the fabric to the fit, a Shahi Styles dress is infused with western look and feel and Indian soul.

Explore our collections and send us your feedback, it will help us realize your dreams better.


What we stand for?

S- Service

Shopping experience with Shahi Styles is, without doubt, as easy as it can possibly get. Just a few clicks and you're through with your dreams. We offer free shipping, free returns and digital buying life cycle.   

H- Hallmark of Quality

Quality is our supreme priority. You deserve nothing but the very best- after all, you’re wearing Shahi clothing.  We use classic artisan skills to craft and decorate our outfits so they match your pride, your charisma without compromise.

A- Authenticity

The fabrics and the Zari threads we use need to pass our stringent quality tests to make their mark. Our intent is to pass on the unmatched legacy to you with quality threads and stitching that befits a royal. Nothing could be more authentic!

H- Honesty

We pride ourselves on fulfilling our promises, always. We bring you designs, outfits, and happiness but not images. The icon in you deserves nothing but the very best. Always. That’s exactly what we strive, and strive hard for. We’ll let our clothing line speak for us! 

Our e-commerce platform is extremely secure and trusted and hosted at Shopify Inc. All your payment information is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

I- Incomparability

We value hand-based skills and traditional dyeing and woodblock printing techniques- these are what make our clothing truly incomparable. We are couture inspired designs and hence a select few pieces make it through our studio and that’s about it. Our designs exhibit the color, exuberance, passion and life. You have to wear it to feel it! 

    We Value Your Experience

    We believe we are here to make a difference. Explore our collections and send us your feedback, it will help us realize your dreams better.

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    Team Shahi Styles